Saturday, February 11, 2012

St Pete Rock 'N' Roll Pre Race

We made it to the St. Pete Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon Expo this afternoon.  The Expo took place in Tropicana Field.  It was pretty cool to walk on a professional baseball field, definitely a first for me.  Otherwise the expo was a bit underwhelming.  This is my first Rock 'N' Roll event so I wasn't actually sure what to expect.  The expo had fewer people and vendors than any I've visited before.

Another oddity for this race was that they didn't put the race information pamphlet with course map and other race info into the goody bag.  I had to pick it up at another booth in the expo.  It seems like in the goody bag is a no brainer since runners and the spectators they bring will need this info.  

In any case, St. Pete seems like a nice town.   I'm excited to explore its streets during tomorrow's half marathon!

Inside Tropicana Field for the Expo

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