Monday, December 26, 2011

Running Christmas Gifts!

As I've mentioned before, 2011 was my first year of running seriously.  So this was the very first Christmas where I received running related gifts.

My parents got me new running shoes.  This will be my third pair of Brooks Defyance 4 Running Shoes.  I switched to them in May 2011 and stopped suffering from black toenails after.  Running shoes need to be replaced every 300 - 400 miles so a new pair is always a great gift!

My sister Jess made a scrapbook with photos from all of my races in 2011.   This was such a great, personalized gift!  She included the finisher certificates from the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon.  This was especially great since I hadn't bothered to print them myself.  Getting a book for the year's races is also fun since I can store all the race bibs.  I hope to have similar scrapbooks each year as I continue running (@Jess, hint hint ;)).

Scrapbook Cover
Sleepy Hollow 10k Page
Philadelphia Marathon Page

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