Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Colon Cancer Challenge 15k

My first race of 2011 was the New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15k.  It fit nicely into my half marathon training plan, being the right distance at the right point in time.  It was the second race I ever ran, and it would be the longest distance that I had run to that date.

Prior to the race, I had been training on the indoor track at the McBurney YMCA.  My training did not prepare me for Central Park's hills.  The first lap of the race felt all right but the second lap was pretty tough.  Around mile 8 another runner encouraged me, helping me get through the final stretch.  When I finished I was excited to see that my sister, Rebecca, had come to cheer me on.

I finished in 1:54:53 with an average mile of 12:21.  I was pleased with myself with the distance but incredibly tired.  Finishing 9.3 miles at the end of March gave me confidence that I could work up to 13.1 in time for the Brooklyn Half Marathon at the end of May!  Afterwards I went for a celebratory breakfast with Alek and Rebecca.

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